Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Golf Tips To Help A Beginner

Learning how to play golf requires a lot of patience especially in the beginning when you don't really understand the proper way to swing a club. When first starting many beginners find that just being out on the course is a treat in itself, as the natural beauty offers an incentive to continue playing the game.

The first thing a beginning golfer should become familiar with is the equipment. It is important that you test out many golf clubs to see what feels right in your hands. Golf is a game about "feel" and if something does not feel right there is a good chance you will hit a bad shot.

Practice makes perfect. The best way to learn about the different clubs in your bag is to go to the driving range and use them. There is a big difference between woods and irons, putters and wedges, so knowing the basics of your equipment is really the first step to beginning golf.

If you want to get a decent set of golf clubs there are plenty of places that sell them used. Either look online or at local retail store you can find sets of clubs of individual woods and irons to purchase. Once you get your new clubs it is time to go to the range and practice. Keep practicing until you get tired because that is really the secret when first starting out.

You need to develop a consistent swing. There are many magazine articles and tutorials online that will show you the proper swing. Golf is a game of routine and if you develop consistency in your swing, you end up shooting better scores.

When you first take up the sport go with someone who is experienced in the game so they can teach you about golf etiquette on the course. A very important part of the game and something you should learn immediately.

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